Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring has been here for awhile and I'm growing impatient. It's still cold!!

Don't get me wrong, I love and appreciate living somewhere where we get to experience the 4 seasons, because you learn to appreciate those different moments in climate change. But March and April are those specific months that I yearn for color and the warm sun on my face. I'm not asking for 80 degree weather yet, but a day without a winter coat would be nice.

So now I just look to Pinterest to get me in the Spring spirit.

Dying over this Bumble Bee door knocker.

Yearning for a coral or cream leather jacket, for the transition period.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this arrangement!
Whenever I go into Home Depot's gardening department I always wonder what the hell people do with those mini cacti plants. Now I know! How cute is this? And it will last you months, with practically zero maintence.

I can't get enough of the budding trees in spring. So why not have it year round on your wallpaper.

This is the most modern chicken coop I've ever seen. Little chicks and bunnies always remind me of warmer weather.

C'mon sun! I need you!